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Analysis of ER and HER2 protein expression are fundamental to care planning for patients with metastatic breast cancer

Challenges along the diagnostic journey may lead to incomplete care planning

Metastatic breast cancer changes over time and serial tissue biopsy is considered impractical and not sufficiently informative. As a result, comprehensive, up-to-date information is often not available to guide care plans.1-4

DefineMBC is the most comprehensive liquid biopsy option for patients with metastatic breast cancer

DefineMBC combines analyses of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) to provide up-to-date information on ER and HER2 protein expression and genomic alterations that may guide care planning

DefineMBC analyzes a minimally invasive blood sample and provides a comprehensive clinical report that includes:

  • Cell-based ER and HER2 protein expression
  • Single-Cell Genomic Analysis for ERBB2 amplification and genomic instability
  • ctDNA evaluation of MSI, TMB, and relevant genomic alterations in 56 genes
DefineMBC Analytical Validation
Biomarkers Assessed
CTC Protein Expression


91% & 94%
100% & 97%
Single-Cell Genomic Analysis

ERBB2 amplification

ctDNA Genomic Alterations

56 genes

Intended Use: DefineMBC is a test designed for use on breast cancer patients when metastatic disease is suspected or has previously been confirmed and for whom surgical tissue biopsy is not feasible, or when the results of surgical biopsy are indeterminate or inadequate including when there is insufficient tissue sample to process.

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* Tested using the MDA-MB-453 (low positive [~2-fold]) and SK-BR-3 (high positive [~10-fold]) cell lines
† Includes SNVs, CNAs, small indels and fusions


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